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Earth Drill Range: Mini Excavators 750kg to 3T

Earth Drill Range: Mini Excavators 750kg to 3T

The Earth Drills 1200 up to X2500’s are the perfect choice for small excavators between 750kg and 3T.

Even though these earth drills are the smallest in our line-up they are over engineered and built to last, giving you the same versatility, peace of mind and product quality you’d expect from all Auger Torque products. Developed to work with all makes and models of parent machine, and complemented with a range of attachments, you will find an earth drill and attachment for your every need. With the versatility to easily switch between attachments depending on the job at hand, you can be sure that your Auger Torque Earth Drill will deliver, time and again.

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    Oil Pressure Range30 - 185 Bar70 - 205 Bar70 - 240 Bar70 - 240 Bar
    Torque Range189 - 1164 Nm511 - 1496 Nm639 - 2190 Nm830 - 2847 Nm
    Oil Flow Range15 - 32 lpm20 - 45 lpm25 - 57 lpm27 - 65 lpm
    Speed Range38 - 81 rpm44 - 98 rpm43 - 99 rpm36 - 87 rpm
    Hub Options50mm Round Stihl2" Hex2" Hex2" Hex
    Height450 mm585 mm585 mm585 mm
    Width160 mm200 mm200 mm200 mm
    Hitch OptionsSingle Pin HitchSingle Pin Hitch
    Double Pin Hitch
    Cradle Hitch
    Single Pin Hitch
    Double Pin Hitch
    Cradle Hitch
    Single Pin Hitch
    Double Pin Hitch
    Cradle Hitch
    Auger RangeS2/S1S4S4S4
    Rec. Drilling Diameter Range100 - 300 mm 100 - 400 mm 100 - 450 mm 100 - 500 mm

    With all specifications and range information, the depth and ground conditions need to be taken into consideration

  • Warranty


    • *Lifetime Warranty against Shaft Dislodgement
    • Planetary Gearbox Components - 72 months
    • Hydraulic Motors - 36 months
    • All other Products – 24 months
    • All Other Parts / Products - 24 months

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